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Virtuoso specialized equipment catalog

A complete line designed for SMEs

For the most modest to the most demanding needs
find the specialized equipment you need with Virtuoso.


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Partial catalog
Check out some of our most popular units below.

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EMH 30

Enforcer EMH 30

The EMH 30 Enforcer is a speaker designed for unidirectional or bidirectional communication.

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Rugged, compact, all-metal in construction, the AMH 30 is ideal for outdoor use in industrial facilities, transportation terminals and recreational areas.


Algo 8180SIP

The 8180SIP is an audio device for ringtone broadcast and voice paging applications.

> Plus

The 8180SIP includes two units. The first unit will play an audio file from its internal memory upon detection of ringing. The second unit will automatically answer by initiating bidirectional voice communication.

The advanced technology of the SoundShare 8180 ™ include the automatic adjustment of the volume strength to compensate for the ambient background noise. It’s ideal for environments with variable noise levels (restaurants, shops, classrooms, etc.).



Algo 8028SIP

The Algo 8028 is an external intercom. Your visitors can be welcomed from any phone and allowed to enter through a single keypress.

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The 8028 is well suited for many applications, including commercial, industrial, public institutions, or private homes.


Durafon PIB 20L

The PRO-PIB20L is the ideal wireless system for any business requiring workplace mobility to multiple handsets.

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This set includes (4) DURATION handsets and the base unit. In addition, the kit also includes an extra battery and a DuraPouch for each handset for extra protection.

The DuraFon PRO-PIB20L also includes an external SN-AK20L antenna kit. Rugged and durable, it’s designed for industrial environments.

Other options available

Full Virtuoso catalog

The above equipment is only a small part of our catalog of specialized Virtuoso equipment.

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The number of devices supported by Virtuoso is constantly growing, offering new features and opening up new applications for your Virtuoso system.

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